Vladimir Ovchinnikov: An artist who erected a monument

Vladimir Ovchinnikov is famous not only for the frescoes, which for many years adorned the walls of houses in Borovsk. His main desire is to erect a monument in the city by the repressed, and for this he made more than one attempt to agree with local (and not only) authorities. In August, such a monument finally appeared: 18 portraits of the repressed, which the artist painted on … his neighbor’s fence.

On this fence – all the last works of Vladimir Ovchinnikov. He has not draws in the city for a long time, after his paintings began to paint under various pretexts. After all, the work of Vladimir Ovchinnikov is always an attempt to stir, make you think, think, ask questions, look for answers … But you can, the neighbor does not mind the fence. Two weeks of work on a stepladder with interruptions (a 77-year-old artist’s back hurts), and there a new picture appeared “on whom Borovsky bells call”.

Psychologies: how many years do you fight for the monument to appear?

Ten years. The last time I met with the new mayor in April, handed him all the documents to get acquainted and make a decision. He fell silent for a long time, and then in an interview said that he was waiting for the public to turn to him. But this is a demagogy of pure water. How many monuments are in our city, and not one of them was erected on the initiative from below: it was always a decision from above or from the side. Monument to Admiral Senyavin – no one had a concept that he would appear. Tsiolkovsky and Fedorov are donated by the «ethnomir». Gagarin has recently appeared, who had nothing to do with Borovsk. Just someone somewhere made a monument that had to be attached. So they sent us. All this does not cause enthusiasm for the population, not to mention the initiative.

And how does the public relate to the idea of the monument?

In 2012, I conducted a collection of signatures. Collected more than 400 signature sheets, and only one signature was against – from the head of the district with the resolution «prematurely». In April, I presented signatures to the new mayor. No reaction. The case, of course, is not the initiative of residents. The local administration is built into the vertical of power. They are performers, they are afraid, perhaps, they think that this is the outline of our past … And I think this is an objective presentation of the material: people should know

Muškarci u principu ne vole razgovarati o svojim problemima i sve više pokušavaju zaobići lica nemira tablete za potenciju s poslovnim poslovima. Razumijete li gdje smo klonirani? Postoji i osjetljiva intervencija osobe razumijevanja. Dati! Pokušajte smanjiti njegov stres na minimum, a ono što trebate je povećati maksimalno moguće.

the story who does not want to know the past – spits into the future.

And you decided to do what is in your power?

IN. ABOUT.: Yes, I’m doing what I can. All ten years, while the struggle for the monument is going on, I collect information about the repressed, meet with families, study information in the archives. I published a book, I make a site with the same name: «For whom Borovsky bells call».

Whose portraits you drew?

Of the 40 photos that I have, I managed to choose the best in quality, in addition, I wanted the geography of the district, not only one Borovsk, but also the village. I have a detailed certificate for each person: biographical data, property status, family composition, indictment, on which it is based. And the verdict – «shoot».

And how many people are in your list?

I did not count. I have information about those who lived in the Borovsky district (from 1917 to 1952), and about the part of those who left the district, without waiting for him to be arrested. However, most of them still caught in nearby areas … By the legal criterion, minor children are also considered repressed at the time of arrest. Therefore, it is necessary to multiply by the number of children, and families in those years were very large. So, the total number increases by 4-5 times. And we get a figure that is the fifth of the pre -war population of the Borovsky district.

You will inform your relatives about the monument?

I do not plan. I think the news itself will fly. The work is unusual, knocked out of a number of monuments by repressed. There are a lot of them in the country, and this one differs: it was born in a prohibition.

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